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Rooms & Suites

Modern & Spacious Rooms

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Deluxe Single

At approximately 700 square feet in size, each Deluxe Bedroom provides ample room to create a comfortable setting for privacy and relaxation...
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Deluxe Double

Our rooms are decorated in a unique style that blends Balinesse and modern, with the beds, furniture and lighting that was specially designed...
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Luxury Single

A truly luxurious experience! Ideal for guests who value style and ambience as well as a convenient. Our rooms are decorated in a unique...
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Luxury Double

Explore our range of luxurious hotel rooms and suites. Luxury rooms are designed and furnished with highest standards. The rooms...
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Premier Single

Surround yourself in luxurious comfort and quality furnishings in our Premier Single room with stunning sea views. Each room has a high...
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Premier Double

The spacious and stylish Premier Rooms at the Exotica hotel and resort. Premier Double Rooms provide the same luxurious amenities...
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Presidential Single

Treat yourself to the Presidential Suite at Exotica hotel and resort. The bedding is of the highest quality and will let you relax in the lap of luxury...
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Presidential Double

The Presidential Suite features two bedrooms with King-size beds with every conceivable luxury. Every design accent was attentively...
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